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dog walker

Whether you are a dog lover, are looking for a part-time job, or you are simply looking to make extra money, becoming a dog walker could be right for you. Dog walkers help people take care of their dogs and they may even play with the dogs indoors. They are responsible for making sure that the dogs are safe and secure. This may include taking them for walks, ensuring they are fed, and giving them baths. They also help to give dogs their exercise, which helps them to develop better health and happiness.

Dog walkers usually work Monday to Friday. They typically do five to six walks per day. These walks may take a half hour or more. They can also work on weekends and holidays. Depending on their schedule, they may take more than one dog at a time. They must be flexible and willing to work outdoors, no matter the weather.

In addition to walking dogs, dog walkers can also offer grooming services, dog taxis, pet taxis, and pet boarding. They may also give suggestions on how to train a dog. They may also take pictures and provide updates to the owner. They can advertise their services locally and online. They can also give business cards to local vets and pet stores.

Dog walkers have to be reliable and trustworthy. They are also expected to be available at peak times for walks. They must also be able to protect themselves from stray dogs. They are required to keep detailed records of the dog walking services they provide. They should also have emergency numbers on hand. They should also have keys to the dog’s home. Depending on the company they work for, they may be required to complete a test.

Dog walking companies usually require a brief training period. They may also require industry-specific certifications. This certification gives the client confidence in their service. They should also be familiar with the different types of breeds. Having knowledge of these types of breeds will allow them to tailor their service to the type of dog they are walking.

They should also have good interpersonal skills. They must be able to work with clients and employees to create a positive experience for everyone involved. Having a positive reputation is a great way to spread word of mouth.

Dog walkers may also consider becoming certified in pet first aid. This certification gives them the skills they need to provide additional services to the dog owners. The certification shows that they are willing to work and take responsibility for the well-being of their clients. It also demonstrates that they care about animals.

Dog walkers are also responsible for the safety of their clients’ dogs. They must keep updated on any sick or injured dogs and notify the owner. They should also ensure that the dog has enough potty breaks during their walks. They also need to be familiar with their area’s parks and play areas. They should also take a few moments to pet the dog before leaving to ensure that it is happy and relaxed.